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Visual Touch POS Software

VisualTouch Point of Sale software has been the preferred POS solution by thousands of retailers and hospitality clients globally. With its robust structure and powerful yet simple to use functionality, VisualTouch is used to transact over a billion dollars annually. Supported by a dedicated team of professionals with a 24/7 call center as well as a team of field technicians, VisualTouch is very reliable and scalable to meet your growing business needs.

Provides the control you need

Suits virtually any business

Complete monitoring 24/7


VisualSAFE is a security and monitoring solution used extensively in retail and hospitality operations. Security cameras come in many varieties, however having an integrated system of video overlays, time-stamped video recall, and remote monitoring are just a few of the features provided by VisualSAFE. Our security systems provide a complete integrated solution. VisualSAFE security solutions are used by a wide variety of retailers to monitor their operations and provide safety for their employees and customers. From quick security camera kits to fill scale custom solutions, talk to us about what we can do for your operation.

Schedule monitoring, recording, alarm, and alert method schemes

Remote Viewing Via Browser

Smart search capabilities


Self-service continues to be a growing sector of retail and hospitality operations. VisualTouch features a KIOSK module that works off the same platform as VisualTouch POS providing a robust, quick and intuitive solution for self-ordering. Visual KIOSK can run on multiple hardware platforms from free-standing to wall-mounted and mobile solutions. Hardware solutions are available from small wall-mounted touch screens to larger floor standing kiosks that provide integrated ordering and payment services. Self-service units are integrated into Kitchen Display Systems and Drive Through operations for a superior customer experience and satisfaction.

visual touch pos point of sale

Easy to use with modern design

Reduce the cost of business

Fully Customize layouts

VisualKDS (Kitchen Display System)

VisualTouch features one of the best Kitchen Display Systems in the world with conventional kitchen printers or with our enhanced Visual Video KDA which helps to increase the efficiency of food preparation and reduce the anxiety caused by the dot matrix printers currently being used. The VisualTouch KDS solution provides the best in operational efficiency. Used by kitchen of all sizes, having a VisualTouch KDS allows you to streamline your operations, increase productivity and customer satisfaction. Ensure that your customers receive food that is hot, fresh and presented in the timing and order they request.

Handle heavy volume with ease and accuracy

Organizes food station and increases kitchen flow

User-friendly application for any employee


Revolutionizing the health care industry and surpassing current nutrition distribution systems, VEGAS or Visual Enhanced Gastronomic Analysis System, will change the way meals are distributed in the healthcare industry. VEGAS increases meal distribution efficiency and accuracy while providing big savings in operational costs through the elimination of paper based systems.

Customized meal plan base on client needs

Real-time online reports and management system

Increase Kitchen Efficiency

Toshiba POS Hardware

Visual Information Products is a Gold Alliance Partner of Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions. Toshiba is the world's largest manufacturer of POS equipment with the highest market share of any manufacturer. Toshiba TCx Wave and SurePOS hardware solutions are installed in many of the top retailers around the globe such as Starbucks, Walmart, Costco and many others. As a trusted partner, Toshiba products are available through Visual Information Products. Visual provides a wide range of Toshiba solutions and we can find one that meets your business objectives.

Retail Innovation at your fingertips

quick-to-learn touch technology

Attractive design on a dependable brand

Digital Media

Visual DISPLAY provides digital display solutions for retail, hospitality and commercial applications. Our Digital Menu Board system provides an integrated solution which shares information with VisualTouch POS ensuring dynamic price changes between the POS and the digital menu boards. Digital Information Boards are created easily using Visual's Content Management Software and updated seamlessly for one or one thousand locations.

Content updated in real-time on HD Screen

Increase revenue by promoting products

Fast and Easy set up

visual touch pos point of sale
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