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Whether you operate a pub, fine dining establishment, lodging establishment or fast food restaurant, hospitality service environments are tough. Having a POS system that has an integrated kitchen production system, a house accounts module to track your customers and inventory tools to monitor food costs for your operation is critical to running a successful business. Our advanced POS technology can withstand the busiest environments, providing dependability and equipment longevity. Our roots in hospitality 30 years ago has created a POS system that is still in operation by many of the original customers. They key factor in the success fo VisualTouch POS for hospitality is that it works continuously and effectively. As one of the most robust and reliable programs available, VisualTouch allows you to concentrate on other areas of your operation.

Our Kitchen Display System provides large format digital monitors that provide real-time data and a quick snap shot of what's on order, how long it's been on order as well as the preparation sequence and modifiers needed. VisualTouch KDS relieves kitchen anxiety and makes the production flow smoother and with less errors. Talk to us about how we can improve your efficiency up to 57% and help you grow your business.

  • Cafe & Lounge
  • Night Club
  • Gastro Pub
  • Corporate Dining
  • Cafeterias
  • Social Clubs
  • Food trucks
  • Amusement Parks

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