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visualtouch pos point of sale

The key to running a successful system for your business is having the support required to answer any questions and provide direction on how to access all the functionality that VisualTouch POS has to offer.

Operating 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the Service and Support Center for VisualTouch provides quick resolutions to any technical or operational questions you might have.

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visualtouch pos point of sale

POS Systems come in many varieties from a simple plug and play to more complex configurations.

VisualTouch provides professional installation services to ensure the least possible disruption or the fastest start up time for your business.

Our technicians are certified IT specialists that understand the best way to install your system nd get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Installation & Onsite

Ease of Installation thru our dedicated installers and techinicians

We provide remote installation to any part of the world

Excellent Project Management

Staging Configuration

In-house staging and configuration

Software loading and asset management

Certified technicians and software engineers

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visualtouch pos point of sale

VisualTouch offers a variety of technical services including staging and configuration.

We have the ability to load software, develop master hard drive images, connect and ensure all peripherals are working properly to ensure a flawless installation and quick start to using your new system.

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visualtouch pos point of sale

Integrating to payment systems, security systems, digital signage, reservations, event planning and e-commerce are just some of the development projects that Visual has been involved in over the past 30 years.

Working closely with other systems, Visual is able to integrate to make your overall information systems compatible and efficient.

We are also able to provide our API to other software developers to allow them to integrate to VisualTouch.

Integration Services

High quality technology deployment

Single point of contact and excellent project management

World class accountability, flexibility and scalability

System Architecture

Over 30 years experience in the POS industry

Comprehensive solutions to meet your needs

Future proofing, redundancy and predictive modelling

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visualtouch pos point of sale

With 30 years experience in the point of sale industry, Visual Information Products can provide you with the right solution to meet your current and future needs.

We provide system architecture services bringing together a wide variety of suppliers and products to provide planning and execution that is effective and meets your budget and needs.

Creating a system that will meet your technical, operations, marketing and sales needs is what Visual does best.

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visualtouch pos point of sale

Increase the speed of your transactions by integrating your POS to your payment terminal.

VisualTouch can provide integrated payments through most payment processors such as POS Connect, First Data, Chase, Moneris and more.

Eliminate costly errors caused by entering totals twice and speed up the check out process thus providing a higher level of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Payment Processing

We provide integration to all major payment processors

Accomodates Apple Pay and block-chain currency like Bitcoin

Can Integrate with wired and wireless payment solutions

Custom Development

In house dedicated software development engineers

Develop custom solution based on your business needs

Provide secure and solid applications

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visualtouch pos point of sale

With a team of dedicated software development engineers, Visual can provide customer software development to meet your unique needs.

Our programmers are experienced in providing custom solutions from either a scope of work provided or one that we develop for you. Integrations to digital signage and security, custom functionality, branded user interfaces, self service, tagging, and custom reporting are just some of the projects that our software team has been actively engaged in.

Let us help you to find a custom solution that provides you with the operational excellence required to succeed.

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visualtouch pos point of sale

Having a Digital Menu or Media Board program is good however the key to a successful program involves managing the content that is displayed on the screens.

VisualTouch provides Content Creation and Management to make your images and videos come alive.

Content Management

Creative services for effective communications

Manage the content.

Content Scheduling and more.

visual touch pos point of sale
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