Your Value Retail Operations Need our Solution


Thrift Shops and Value Retailers have some very specific needs to deal with their inventory and retail sales. Evaluating goods donated, pricing them appropriately and quickly, and tracking their life cycle are important to running a successful operation.

VisualTouch provides the functionality to do everything a thrift shop requires to run an efficient operation. From creating shelf tags, to having matrix pricing for color and size, the success of your operation requires technological advances in commerce that VisualTouch can provide.

The ability to add items on the fly is a feature that does not exist in many software solutions. VisualTouch allows you to add items to the system as they are being sold and allows you to track those items with basic pricing information until you have the time to complete the product specifications in your back office.

Whether you're a new shop or an expanding chain of stores, specialty retailers are expected to provide a dynamic, exciting destination and shopping environment.

Talk to us about how VisualTouch can improve your thrift shop and value retail operations and profits.

Customer Account Functionality
Integrated credit & debit card processing
One package, many tools
Full Accounting Interface
Website ordering interface
Full Reporting Module
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